Brother Kenneth Cofer has been the pastor of THBC since March 11,1990. Under his leadership we have built four new buildings.  A Larger Sanctuary , Sunday School Rooms, a Fellowship Hall and Large Storage Building for Bearing Precious Seeds to use.
Brother Cofer was 18 years old when he heard a message on hell and saw himself "a sinner in need of God's Love and Forgiveness". On August 8,1952, He called on God to save him, "in the back room of the home place" He put his trust in God and was saved.
God called him to preach when he was 19 years old and at 21 he meet and married Carolyn Bennett. After 60 years "He says; "I think Iíll Just keep Her."
God called Brother Cofer to his first Church at the age of 28. Brother Cofer has pastored five other Churches. They are still serving the Lord today. Brother Cofer has used the King James Bible from the start of his Ministry.
The message is Bible based. Salvation, Separation ,and Service.
Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 will you tell you why preaching, comes from the heart.
Bro. Cofer's desire of the Lord , is to stay at Trinity Hill Baptist Church until the Lord returns!